Vanguard / Valorant WORKING with Comodo firewall SOLUTION

hello after a year, tried installing valorant and found a working solution posted by Global Moderator ‘futuretech’

"Valorant uses an aggressive anti-cheat that probably doesn’t work with CIS injecting into game executables, so you need to add game to shellcode injection exclusions. "

here is a list that i added:

(all .exe AND .dll files)
C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard\

(all .exe files)
Riot Games\Riot Client

keep in mind Im using
windows 10 19044.1503 x64
only Comodo Firewall *(no antivirus no HIPS no virusscope no containment (if you are using any of these you need to add .exe exclusions to all of them)

(also one user said that vanguard is blocking COMODO antivirus, don’t know about it since i only use firewall component)
btw there are ton of stuff that can break vanguard NOT related to Comodo but there are ton of tutorials on youtube for that so im not gonna post them here.

Hi donald099 & futuretech,

Thank you for providing the workaround.
Thanks for supporting.


Hello, i found the same solution after one afternoon of investation…
So i have a question to Comodo staff, why there is no log about this comodo activity service ?
I activated only firewall (i désactivate viruscope, web filter, etc.), if i had seen a comode log about it, i will found earlier!

Hi Citizen K,

Thank you for reporting.
Kindly refer the below link to view the log of CIS activity


Thanks a lot but nothing in these files at all and in the valorant log too. I will check again with and without exclusion. Maybe a verbose or debug.

A other thing, I love comodo, the firewall especially.
Thanks for the job.

Hi zaibakker,

Thank you for your feedback and supporting.
Have a nice day.