Valkyrie strange (again?)

When I submit a file using Question Mark? / Submit File function, I get a progress bar that counts up to 30% and then I get a status of “Failed to get file verdict”.
If I launch the very same file, it gets autosandboxed in CCAV, but it does not get into “Being analyzed” mode. Seems upload from CCAV to valkyrie is broken currently. This problem does not only appear with a particular file. I have a bunch of small/seldom exe files and all of them get into the sandbox, but apparently not into “Being Analyzed”. Valkyrie Maintenance ongoing?

Hi Fract504,

Can you please share the files, I’ll check myself what might be the problem. There is currently no maintenance of Valkyrie.

Here is one file:!AjaMf3ByMfMZs2gUZmjqrV7lkEFW

I also checked again just a minute ago. “Submit a file” in CCAV just counts up to 35% and then “Failed to get file verdict”.
I am running latest build .594

This problem is due to FLS server problem.

As CCAV can’t connect to FLS, it doesn’t know verdict of file.

As pointed here, you will have to wait for FLS fix to see this working.


Hi Fract504,
FLS Services are back up and running and you should not see this error now.


file is detected as Safe: Comodo Valkyrie Customer Login | Advanced File Analysis System

Yes, I can confirm that files can be submitted again correctly.
I still have the problem that I have 5 files in “Being analyzed” mode for about 2 days. To be honest, I never saw that a “Being analyzed” file in CCAV disappears from the queue and was then known by CCAV/Valkyrie… I will monitor for another week, if anything happens in CCAV with the “Being analyzed” files and will report back here.

I can also not verify, if CCAV actually really uploads the files which are reported as “Being Analyzed”. When I go to and search for the SHA1 of the supposedly submitted files, no match is found. I have the impression that is some kind of other instance than the instance that CCAV is using.