Valkyrie scan time

Hi, I have about 5 files in the submission queue in CCAV with status “Being analyzed”.
The files are in the queue for more than 2 days. How long does it take until they are analyzed?
Or is Valkyrie currently overloaded?

Hi Fract504,
May you please share sha-1 of files?


Hello, I had to create a new profile on my pc, as it was quite broken/messed up. So to be sure I have a fresh new profile and CCAV reinstalled. I will observe situation a few more days and report back.

Is there also any function where I can see SHA1 easily in CCAV or do I need my own tools to compute it?
Also: Should the SHA1 of the submitted file appear immediately also at
So when CCAV uploads the file, is the SHA1 immediately searchable there?

e.g. My CCAV submitted a file with 43dc6c69ebaa2c3e2ae3e8f4d77396546bcb5fb4 SHA1 (computed with Total Commander and crosschecked with ).
At least CCAV says “Being analyzed”, so I guess/hope it was somehow transmitted…
But I see nothing found when searching for this SHA1 at

I also downloaded “Unknown File Hunter” and scanned my NIRSOFT program directory (utilities). It found 25 unknown hashes and I entered my Valkyrie credentials to have them checked. In the Valkyrie Dashboard I can see that those 25 hashes have been queried. But apparently Unknown File Hunter did NOT upload any of the files, even though I told it to do so (files are not being processed). Unknown File Hunter says that Files are being analyzed, but I see no analyze actions in the webinterface and files did not arrive there.
So I guess that some file upload from CCAV/Unknown File Hunter is broken. The programs “think” it is being analyzed, but the files to be analyzed do not currently arrive in the cloud.

Update: In the meantime (5 days later…) the files somehow appeared in the analysis of Valkyrie. Still my uploaded files from CCAV itself are still “being analyzed”.

Anyone here to answer?

Hi Fract504,
We currently do not have any SLA for an unknown file to be classified.

Depending on nature and prevalence of file, some files can be classified very fast and some slower.

In case you have doubt about any file and want to draw AV lab’s attention to it, you can submit here.


but we are working on systems whereby we can provide a 4 hour SLA for our users…

I really hope it will become true soon, Melih.
We hear this since Valkyrie was introduced in CCAV, around 2 years ago

You are right! I want to say to Melih, you are doing good I always support! but as proverb says
“eat a big mouthful, but don’t make big promises” and
I am in trust with Valkyrie & CCAV :-TU

Ok I take it back then:)…
we are not working on it…it won’t happen…

We are all waiting for this a long time ago XD …
I still have hope.

I noticed that the files uploaded by my ccav are not in valkyria or if I reinstall them clean they will upload again …

Unknown files that are not sent to sandbox are also not uploaded XD …

I want it to improve so that it competes in the detection tests just for the publicity.

I love that comodo focuses on the prevention that the detection … but most only seek detection

detection is not necessarily protection