Valkyrie in CCAV

Hi I am trying out the latest version of Comodo Cloud and see now we can submit files to Valkyrie,what I don’t see is the result of the submitted file being good or malware.Anyone can help out please.Thks

I have a problem with file submit, when i submit a file to analyze always receive a failed response.

You are very right. This is an absence. You can see that we have a wish about it. I hope it will be implemented.

Yesterday i send same malware samples to valkyrie and CCAV doesnt detect anything yet.

On CCAV file submit i can read that every file was sent.

For example, this file is marked as malware by valkyrie but CCAV doesnt detect it yet.

SHA1: 60ce2b478362aaf9f478125e9f031d12bc046239
MD5: 00ee2e52cbfc92f8df2f96a203e2414d