Valkyrie & CAV detections

Sometimes I check zeroday malware from few malware blacklisting sites like MDL, malc0de, etc with Valkyrie & CAV (I have CIS installed). Many a times Valkyrie verdict is already analyzed but the same malware is not detected by CAV. Why these Valkyrie detections are not added to CAV when the malware was already detected by Valkyrie few days before? Are Valkyries detections even added to CAV or not?


I think not yet… :frowning:
It has to “mature”… :wink:

Thats the idea. Valkyrie will be added as soon as its ready (actually they are working on it) to be included on the cloud scan for the CAV.

So, keep helping to make Valkyrie stronger by submitting more malware samples as you have been doing. :-TU

also any malware analyst hobbiest can join and help the community by their analysis…

How to do so?

I know this. I didn’t meant Valkyrie service to be added into CIS. I know it will be added when it is ready.

I meant was detection i.e Is signature for the malware detected by Valkyrie added into CAV database as soon as possible when the malware is detected by Valkyrie?


As my main computer have only Linux installed I send all new malware I found via Valkyrie only.

Surely they have a link with Valkyrie and CAV Virus Analysts to include all of them in regular signatures updates.

Please report any malware found malicious by manual analysis on Valkyrie, but not caught by CAV, with heuristics on high, here.