Valkyrie as a service for consumers (including having a human malware expert)

Hi Guys,

As you know Valkyrie has both automatic and manual analysis capabilities…

A user installs our AV product and there might be some unknowns.

How about offering a service (paid for because it involves human experts) whereby we take all the unknowns and turn them into knowns for that user. This way the user will always be running only known applications, while still having the automatic sandboxing there for any unknowns to run in it for a temporary period while Valkyrie turns them into known.

This way you can literally forget about dealing with anything to do with security as it will be taken care of for you.

what do you guys think?

Unless you’re referring to a separate service, users with subscription(s) should be prioritized that way.

Are we talking a one time fee for the unknowns on that system at that point in time or a subscription where any newly introduced unknowns in the future gets the same treatment?

What time frames are we talking about for the analysis, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years?

Would it be included in Pro and/or Complete subscriptions? If not, would those be able to add it to their subscription as an “Add-on”

Would just automatic analysis still be available for free users?

Edit: Is the collection and analysis done automatic (from the users perspective) or does the user have to upload the unknowns manually either via software or website?

free analysis would still be available.
we are talking about an ongoing service to the user for making sure all the unknowns are turned into knowns.
it will be automatic upload and analysis, user doesn’t have to do anything.

nice idea but and the free users? Are you going to do what avast, avira, avg or other do? releasing a ■■■■ security suite, without vlkirye ondemand for free and advertising the users to buy a license so they can have valkirye ondemand and some other stuffs for paid usrs only?


Would the service be its own actual product or something you use through another product? (Like CIS, CCAV etc)

Could you explain what the actual difference between a free and paid user would be, would free users still be able to use automatic uploading for automatic analysis or will they have to upload all files manually? What I understand from the current information is that free users get automatic analysis of automatic uploaded files while paid users get guaranteed rating of automatically uploaded files but they’re checked by both humans and automatic? Is this right or have I misunderstood?

Also, I would assume the ratings generated through the paid service would be put into the global lists so all users get ratings of those files?

This is what I wonder. So paid users will feed free users on this matter.

Free users are getting free security with free aspect of valkyrie anyway…this is an additional service if the users wanted. I suspect you did not fully understand what is being proposed.

everything automatic will still be given for free to end users…
it will still be automatic…automatic submission…automatic analysis…automatic reporting back to CIS/CCAV etc …

Problem statement: No automatic analysis is going to verdict 100% of the files. So you still need manual analysis for some files. The idea is: if you are a paid user your unknowns will be analysed immediately by human expert av analysts.

And yes, all the results would benefit the global user base (free or paid).

This is a service where by paying, you are getting your analysis done first.

Now I understood and I liked the idea! :-TU

I’m for it as long as we are still able to submit unknown files to be whitelisted via forum. I’d personally not use the service though, but that’s just me.

An interesting line of thought. It could be interesting for businesses to alleviate the work of sys or network admins dealing with employees installing new software (BYOS: Bring Your Own Software… :wink: )

Valkyrie as a service will be offered to enterprises by January.
This way an enterprise can have a “Default Deny” like security but with “Default allow” like usability…
they never have to worry about files anymore…all will be taken care of for them and they will have full reporting on these files too.

Nice idea, but Valkyrie still give false reports such as judging the malicious files on it’s clean files,Here CIS or CCAV will be giving malicious files all permissions Because it is reliable of CIS or CCAV.

indeed. I didnt understand verywell the idea. Now I get it. Its nice.

As free I will not care too much about the paid bennefits you are proposing as Ill be protected as well. So, this could be a great plus for paid users. Go for it Melih. Nice idea indeed. Very different for what others are doing… Very human and better aproach / visioning what you are proposing here. Great to see this kind of enterprise vision these days of “money talking only”.

Hmmmmm, another remote service like GeekBuddy but with a different approach: not to clean the PC but to rate all files as known.

Not to be negative but I have seen bad reviews about GeekBuddy service in the past. How is this service being considered now these days, by your consumers?

remote service? This is not a remote service product

correct…its nothing to do with geekbuddy…

its opening up the AV lab analysts to help with consumers who want the comfort of making sure all their unknowns are turned into known asap.

CCAV should query Valkyrie in real time (if it does not already do so) and provide an automated report on suspicious files found on the computer.

I believe this can be turned into a pay to use service (signature based AV vs. real time analysis and reporting)

Don’t so much care for human assistance as I know enough myself so that could be an separate additional cost.