validation process. regional specific.

Already started the similar topic in Russian subforum.
So, I’m in validation process since Mar 26. Ticket: GNN-344313.
The problem is our official company name written in Russian only. The is no any official name in English.
The Comodo Validation Team insists on the name “Scientific Development Center of test software Raytmark” as a literal translation from Russian:
Автономная некоммерческая организация “Научный центр разработки тестового программного обеспечения Райтмарк”. (don’t panic, this is Cyrillic)
My proposal “Scientific Development Center RightMark” was rejected without any explanation. I believe it’s the most user friendly translation.
Using the word Raytmark they knock our business down. People know the name “RightMark”, not “Raytmark”.
Imagine: users come to our site
download a program for example RightMark Memory Analyzer
run setup and watch … publisher is Raytmark ???

Could you please assist me to resolve the situation?