Validation all over again ?!?

We are using you certificates for third year now, and we always have to go through this harassment.
How can you say that we again must submit all this documents, when we already submitted them twice? And how can you suddenly give us problems with stupid WHOIS database, when it wasn’t problem last year?
How can you provide us with certificate already two years, and now act like you know nothing about us?
Please, we want full refund (or stop) of credit card payment, and don’t want to do anything with your company any more.

This is my support request from over 2 hours, for which I set priority urgent, and still didn’t receive any response…
We have every year all over again struggle with comodo about this. We had enough…

Others with similar experiences…

Maybe is Mossad doing validation… (:AGY)

I am having a similar experience.

We had a server crash, so few days ago I replaced the cert with one on a backup server. It took several hours and a support ticket to get validation (we have been a customer since 2006 I think?).

Today we brought the original server back online. It has been 3 hours since I replaced the cert, and 2 hours since I submitted a ticket, and it is still ‘Awaiting Validation’. This is the second time we have ‘validated’ in about one week. I don’t think any info has changed with our whois records or the certificate request.

We are already spending time answering support calls from our customers about why their https links aren’t working. I’m certainly glad we don’t have an online commerce site!