Validating/securing a site

Not sure where to put his, so I’ll start at the top!

My club has started to take entry fees (these go direct to the Organisers, not to the club) and membership fees from the web site.
ATM the browsers squeal about insecure site etc., so there are a few ‘OKs’ to click through.

How could we a) tell people that the site is genuine and b) have a ‘secure’ rating, please?

All payments are via Paypal, so we don’t handle or keep financial details, but members can log in via memb. no. and password.

I said that I’d ask Comodo as the best starting point. Can we do this with Comodo’s products - and how much would it cost?


You can obtain SSL certificate and display a seal on your site.
you can go to and choose whats best for you.
Please bear in mind the latest one is EV cert (and yes it does cost more).

I would also urge you to put rating on your site (this is a free service) so that you can let people rate you, what you do etc. This will give your visitors confidence (only if you treat them nice and they give you a good rate that is :slight_smile: ).

if the above is not sufficient, pls feel free to ask further.



Thank you very much for this.

I’ve had a look at the link and, for some one who understands these things, it seems very logical to use.
The link has been sent to the chap who will have to decide what we do.


if u need anything else, you know where to come :wink: