Valid signed code shows as invalid in Windows 98SE

I have a program that has been deployed to 100’s of locations with success, however one client with a Windows 98 SE system detects the Certificate as Invalid. Why would this be?

One other note, the client had a previous copy of my program signed with a competitor’s certificate (Verisign) and that certificate works fine.

Thank you for your assistance.

I think you have to install the latest Microsoft root certificate update. See the last FAQ on this page: Sectigo .

(Interested to know if that works, because I have just got a Comodo code signing certificate myself and I don’t have any Win9x PCs to test it on.)

Thanks techpro, though it did not work.

Similar problem on an XP machine. Tried that & it didn’t work. The signature does work on hundreds of PC’s though.

I believe it is some flippin settting in Control Panel → Internet Options, but don’t know which one, and I’ve looked. But I think this is where it is.



Could you please post the exact warning or the error message that pops.