Vacation time for me ... :)

Just wanted to let everybody know that I’m going to be away from now until September 6th on my first vacation in nearly ten years … so if there’s questions and a mystery develops, spent August making sure that 4.27 was solid and I’m convinced enough to go “over the fence” for a few. Promise answers if needed when I get back, but I’m going to be largely incommunicado until then.

Need to put a new roof on the barn, fix the one on the house as a result of severe storms, trees down and flood damage from this summer’s nasty storms in upstate New York. And since I’m borrowing some friends from a scenic railway in Vermont, in exchange for their help, I get to do something I enjoy … rebuilding the electrical system on an old ALCO diesel locomotive and a former Boston subway car. I’m also planning on doing some serious rewiring in the building here itself because of lightning damage earlier this year, because telecom and electricals have been flaky too. So for me, it’s mostly a personal “work-cation,” but there will also be some fun seeing guys and gals and working with them for the first time in several years. :slight_smile:

And yeah, if time permits, also want to build a new video server for the house … been playing with MediaPortal for a long time, hope to be able to write some code for it that will allow me to generate some random playlists of movies along with filler that will (like a real TV station) come out on the hour or half hour with padding of time with shorts and fillers as required. NSClean and BOClean started out as a vacation coding exercise, this time I’m doing one for ME! Heh.

But just so’s everyone knows … I ain’t gonna be around for two weeks, so please don’t be offended if you don’t hear back from me until then … or email to me BOUNCES because I’m not checking because … well … I ain’t here! (grin)

THANK YOU everyone for your patience and support of BOClean, and particularly THANKS to Melih, Umesh, Baskar, Igor, Venkat, Judy, Suresh, Andrei, Beverley and MANY others here at COMODO who’ve given me the actual opportunity for some peace, and mental health and MOST of all … an actual VACATION!

Woohoo! :BNC :■■■■ (:CLP)

(Edit: spelling and grammar - I’m off duty and having a lager myself, heh)

Kevin. You deserve it mate, You should be taking a month of! :slight_smile: Well apart from the fixes and stuff, be sure to spend a day just doing JACK!! :slight_smile:

All the best too you! :slight_smile:


Heh. THANKS, M8! Well … if someone wants to pester Melih to give me one of them “EURO-holidays” I’ll GLADLY accept it if the check clears … and since I won’t be around after this post, I have what Yank leaders like to call “plausible deniability” if you guys go and start some campaign for “mental health for Kevin” or some other cause. Though of course, I always prefer appreciation being shown in cash … heh. At MY age, I pretty much have everything I need except cash. :slight_smile:

I get easily bored … “idle hands are the devil’s playground” and all that … I remember when I was able to do vacations before Nancy and I founded “PSC” … I’d be really excited for a couple of days … we’d go out, maybe go somewhere and within a couple of days, bored outta my ■■■■. And if we WENT somewhere, getting there and dealing with getting there became such a drag, that I required a vacation FROM the vacation!

I spend nearly every waking hour of my life worrying about this and that from a security sense, worrying as to whether the existing code and structures are good enough to deal with each and every new “threat” and spend even MORE time mentally playing “what if?” to ensure we cool … fact is, when it comes to computer security, you’re only as good as your LAST move … and I’ve always been HIGHLY motivated by the thing that put PSC out of business … it takes only ONE unhappy camper to destroy years of solid reputation. So I’ve spent my life “running scared” in order to prevent that from happening.

So BELIEVE me, climbing up on a roof, building new joists, hanging sheeting and flashing and then shingling to me will be a JOY of “change” (and relief!) since I’m in farm country and we lost our apple trees to blight, the hay was too wet to cut properly so that’s a loss as well, and the barn will NOT survive the winter here near Canada. And once that’s done, there’s nothing I enjoy more than working on pre-WWII locomotives and subway cars since I still remember how to work with silk and silver wire, winding coils for relays and rewiring high voltage (480/600/750 volt) cabinets in locomotives. There isn’t ONE single task here that requires a “windows update!” Heh.

I’m an antique electrical/electronics engineer who used to BUILD stuff for a living. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting dirty and “hands-on” … and oddly, most folks who still do this stuff don’t know HOW to handle the antique train equipment and streetcars, so I get off on being useful in something I DON’T do every day.

So rest assured, MUCH joy!

Now if Melih wants to give me two MORE weeks, I won’t say no. (grin)

I’m done, y’all … catch ya on the other side of the Olympics and politicofests here … even though I’m in the woods now, wanna head even DEEPER into the woods for a while!

Good on ya Kev.

Have a good one mate.


should i move this topic 88)
have fun (:WAV)

Thanks! Nah, let’s leave it here for now - we can always fold this house of cards into somewhere else later … wanted to put up a public “I won’t be around” since this has always been unexpected in the past - hopefully my buddies Rednose, 3xist, and eXPerience can hold down the fort until I return … my major concern is simply if there’s an unanswered question over something weird that no one else knows about, that the “silence” is not taken as some sort of insult or slight … sorry … satisfaction with what I’m responsible for is VERY important personally, and I’ve always been one to let folks know EXACTLY what’s going on to the point of being “too wordy” for most … just a personal thing, MORE communication is better than LESS … at least to MY mind. :slight_smile:

So long, everyone … SEE you in September! Moo! Heh.

:■■■■ Have fun, Kevin, you deserve it :■■■■

Melih, give this poor one some more vacantion, he did a GREAT job (:CLP)

So in the meantime, we’ll await your return and hope we can answer all questions, but with the latest release, this should be a peace of cake ;D.

Another time, have fun Kevin, take the best out of it…


Have fun Kevin and enjoy. :■■■■
Please be careful climbing up on the roof we would like you back.

Have a nice vacation Kev :slight_smile:

And don’t worry, we will keep an eye on here :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Have a good vacation (if that’s what you want to call this ;))

Justin :slight_smile:

Most of the time I wished Kev a nice weekend, he told me he had to work :-\ So doing something else in about 10 years of working is a vacation for him :slight_smile: I respect that :-TU

Greetz, Red.

Welcome back Kevin, Looks like you did get the month. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I got a message from Kevin today that he is back :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Welcome back Kevin :BNC

How was the holiday ?


Kev told me that fixing the locomotive in Barre, Vermont was ok ( so I think he enjoyed it ).

Greetz, Red.

Hey guys! Just wanted to stop by and say THANKS for the good wishes … the vacation itself, other than a little bit of fun rewinding a steam electric turbine on an old Shay locomotive, was pretty much an exercise in “WHY did I bother?” Heh.

Just wanted to let everybody know though that I’ve been busy since my return on a bunch of other “behind the scenes” things here, so will try to get over here to this forum when I can but for the moment, am up to my arse in “dragons” … hopefully, will be able to kibbitz a bit in a few days or so … glad to see nothing melted during my “away message!” (:WAV)