v85 > v87 causes sandboxie launch to fail

After an automatic update from v85.0.4183.121 to v87.0.4280.141 launching in Sandboxie failed. Comodo Dragon would launch but all extensions would fail to launch and no browsing was possible. Restoring v85.0.4183.121 (backups to the rescue!) fixed Sandboxie launching again. I ran it though the upgrade again just to check and again Comodo Dragon failed to launch in Sandboxie after the upgrade.

Just thinking out loud here, but did you try disabling the sandbox before updating, and then re-enabling it afterwards? If you have Sandboxie set to allow direct write access to certain files, like bookmarks, etc…, then maybe the update was partially applied and is the reason for the errors.

Hello Fanda i’m not familiar with this software Sandboxie , we have our own sandbox when comodo internet security antivirus is instaled you can open Comodo Dragon in virtual mode with is a sanbox version

Just instaled it and seams to work with v87, see attachment

To be honest, the only reason I could see for using Sandboxie over Comodo’s built in sandbox (Containment) would be if you use a RAMDisk, and wanted to force the sandbox off of your hard disk onto your RAM.

If not, then maybe consider giving Auto-Containment a try, or if you use the Comodo widget it should already have an icon for your browser that you can use to launch it in containment mode.