v3 Skin

I was looking at some screenshots of v3. Don’t know if they were final or if that is the theme being used, but I would like to know why does v3 look like it should be an advertisment for an old Atari game? It is so dark and confusing. It seems to have pretty much the same layout as v2.4, but the color scheme makes it intimidating for the average user. I was hoping to find something that I could refer clients to, but this may scare them away from Comodo.

Will there be options to change the skins/color schemes on the new version?


Welcome to the forum, Sirus.

You mean this thread? LOL.

As stated in that thread, these were merely created by other mods (who are just users themeslves) way back just for gags.

Same thread. More info from myself:

There is no official ok on skinning. Perhaps much later, at least after v3 is finalized. Again, at this stage they’re all just ideas.