V3 Problems

I don’t seem to be having the problems most others describe, but have my own ones:

  1. V3 icon does not appear in the task bar. As a work around, I unselected CFW in MSCONFIG and start the firewall manually from the shortcut icon. A kludge, and should not be, but it’s the only way that seems to reliable place the icon in the task bar.

  2. Cannot receive email (Outlook Express) with Webroot Spysweeper running. Work around for this is to shutdown Webroot (again, a poor solution)

The only 3 “protection” programs running on the computer are Comodo V3 Firewall, Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, and Webroot.

Any advice/assistance GREATLY appreciated.

I have seen quite a few conflicts here with SpySweeper and am curious if you uninstalled/reinstalled SpySweeper if it would help. I have noticed that the firewall seems to work better when it can detect other security apps when CFP3 has been installed first and then the others installed.

I know that shouldn’t be the way it works but something gets broke there and a reinstall might fix it for now.

Just a suggestion of something else to try.


Have not tried that, Jasper, but thanks for the tip. Webroot has a support hotline. I’ll call them and if that fails, will try your solution