v3 is blocking pogo.com?

well v2s default configuration has no problems with pogo, and my Custom v2 configuration had to have the pogo’s ips in the allowed traffic list… (explained more below) but v3 doesnt seem to allow pogo games to finish loading at all. my mom is a subscriber to pogo.com, and subscriber content is different than the ‘free’ content (since members see no ad intermissions )

well ive downgraded to v2 for now, but i cant figure out why pogo is hanging and the games arent loading and what preference needs to be changed, add this to my frustration at the way v3 makes you add so many new rules to get the same rule action from v2… well i don’t plan to upgrade to v3.

i have been very pleased with the capabilities of v2 and i know that eventually hackers will find exploits to disable v2’s protection capabilities (i switched my sister from zone alarm to comodo because hackers had disabled her non updated zone alarm, for several months before she noticed) (her computer is on a fast always on cable connection and the hackers had loaded some sort of a virus that had to be removed, and shortly after that she noticed her firewall wouldnt update, and wasnt logging anything and that was when i found comodo because i tend to try to use free solutions whenever possible) well for now im going to stick with v2, but if v3 doesnt get easier for me to use for my families computers i may be forced to look at some of the other highly rated free firewalls. not being able to import the old firewall rules is a big turn off for me, i spend enough time configuring things, i dont need to do it on every upgrade, especially since my familily members live in 3 states and turn to me for tech support if things dont work.

(i found v2’s default rules lacking, and made my own custom rules) worse still v2 to v3 upgrade deleted my entire ruleset and took away the ability to create custom port rules of non sequential ports (eg: port 80, 53, 443) (which was one of only 3 allow in or out rules for tcp/ip, along with pogo, and a different online game)

so with v3 i now would need to create 11 rules instead of the 3 rules i use with v2 (i removed the outbound allow rule that defaults with comodo. outbound traffic is not trusted by default. especially not since i’ve had to clean out 4 family members pcs from trojans or other viruses)

I am also a subscribed member of Pogo and I can’t find any setting to allow Pogo to load. I can not load the games since I upgraded. (:AGY)
Is there an easy answer.

As far as port rules, does firewall/common tasks/my port sets not do what you are looking for? You can create an arbitrary set of ports and treat it as an entity in rulemaking. If you have a list of the required Pogo ports and IPs, you can make a port set called pogo and a zone called pogo and make rules to allow/disallow whatever you want. If you don’t know what pogo uses, make a ruleset to log the IPs and ports that pogo trys to use, then add them to the Pogo rule lists. Most of us don’t Pogo, so you need to explain what you are trying to do in Network terms.

Don’t understand your problem with outbound rules-basic firewall policy is allow out, block in, then refine as necessary. Comodo overlays a Safe File list so you can automatically get more sophisticated rules for your applications. If you want to connect to the internet or do email or … these are all outbound TCP connections. If you already have Trojans, D+ will let you know they are trying to establish a connection, but Comodo is trying to help keep you from getting possessed by blocking inbound connections unless you approve them. And if you are using a good virus scanner, that does a direct virus and trojan signature recognition if you try to download one.

At least in my experience, CPF3 is not blocking pogo and I have had to do nothing in terms of special rules to have access. My wife would be all over me if CPF3 were blocking pogo. And I have had the .268, the.273, and now the .276 version installed on her computer.

But since some people evidently are having problems with pogo and CPF3, its worth finding out why.

But to take a shot in the dark for those having trouble loading pogo with CPF3, I have to wonder if its due to a badly outdated java version. The current java version is 1.6.0_3 b05 I recently upgraded to. And I also know CPF3 and pogo also does well with 1.6.0_2 b05 also.

You had me worried for a moment so I checked and was able to load 3 different games from Pogo. I have the paid membership as well, but not sure if that matters. I did not have to do anything to Comodo to get the pages to load.

Pogo games work ok (ish) with CPF3 but not perfectly, in two player games, i have to ask my GF to continually stand up /sit down while playing to continue play. Not sure what to do to remedy it once and for all, other than uninstall 3 and go back to 3 for now.

I’m having the same problem with Pogo being blocked by v3. I’m running the latest version of Java 1.6.0_03-b.05. I can connect to the site and start to load the game, but after that I get the Pogo screen that says something’s wrong (no connection).

The block is recorded as a blocked TCP connection at IP I’ve added that IP as the destinaion IP with TCP protocol in Comodo Network Security Policy for IE but I still can’t connect. The only way I’ve been able to connect is to confgiure v3 to allow all connections in IE, but that’s a big security hole.

This problem doesn’t happen with computers on our LAN with v2 installed, so the issue is unique to v3.

Any ideas on how to connect to Pogo without allowin all connections in IE? Attachements show v3 settings.

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This worked for me. (Courtesy of AnotherOne)

Good luck.
I havent had any problems since. :wink:

digitalfuture !! change your rules slightly to the ones above.

Thank you. Pogo acces is OK now. I fixed my typo in the IP address, that alway helps !

Yeah IP instead of TCP. Glad its ok now. :wink: