v3: how to block yahoo-chat

Hi There!!!

I have just installed the Comodo Firewall V3. and now i want to block Yahoo-chat!!

Can I do that in V3 ? if yes, can you please tell me how to do that ?

I tried searching … but… .only near i could go is blocking the application… but that would block entire yahoo messenger… i dnt want that… I want to block the yahoo-chat rooms through yahoo-messenger only…

Awaiting your answers.

Hey Sarga welcome to the forums. I’m not sure if this is possible… I’ll look into it for you.

EDIT:: This MIGHT work :BNC

Open Comodo → FireWall → Common Tasks → My blocked network zones → Add → New blocked Address → a host name → chat.yahoo.com → apply → apply.

Hopefully that works without blocking normal yahoo messaging!

Hey, Kyle…

Thank you for the response… I tried the steps given by you … however, those steps does not block yahoo-chat.

Here is what i wish to do: when I/somebody logs into the yahoo-messenger and then if he/she wishes to login to the chat (through Yahoo-messenger application only… not through Web : http://chat.yahoo.com) he/she should not be able to login to the chat…

All I could find is, blocking the application, using which I believe i can block the yahoo-messenger application itself… but that is not i wish to attain… the person should be able to login to yahoo messenger, and chat with the those persons who are already into the list… but should not be able to log in to chat ( messenger → yahoo chat → join a room … )
I am more familier with linux… and I believe this can be done in linux if we have layer-7 fiiltering mechanism… … as i am not used to windows… i am not sure if this can be done or not…

Can you please help me…

Thanks in advance.

I literally spent an hour looking for everything I could, the steps I told you are the best I could think of.

I do not think it is possible. I have seen a couple of applications that you can buy that are meant to block yahoo chat rooms.

If you could find out what yahoo connects to when it joins a chat room, let me know. And we might be able to block that connection… There must be other connections than http://chat.yahoo.com

Hey Kyle,

Thank you very much in spending the time to solve my problem…

I will install the packet-capture tool ( ethereal ) and look into the packets, in-case the destination (to which the application is trying to connect… ) does not change, when the user changes the chat-rooms… then i guess we have a solution… :slight_smile:

I will keep you posted!
Thanks again for looking into my problems…

Have you tried making Yahoo Messenger a blocked application the the Network Security Policy and in D+?

Anytime sagar, If you do find out a way can you please post what Address’s you blocked\ steps you took?
So in future other users would know what to do.


He only wants to block the chat rooms in yahoo, He still wants to talk to friends.