v3 blocks incoming ultravnc

I have installed comodo v3 and defined a local network with ip range and full in/out traffic within the local network. However, I cant use ultravnc to connect to the machine running comodo. I have defined ultravnc as a trusted program. In the firewall events log, I see the remote ip connecting to port 5900 on comodo machine with success. But I dont get any user/pass prompt on the remote macine and it ultimately times out with error “Failed to connect to server”.

What else do I need to configure on comodo to allow vnc remote access on the local network?


I uninstalled v3, installed v2.4 and it worked okay right after installation.

I have v3 and the only thing I had to do was to create a global rule to accept those ports. When I tried just the application rule to accept those ports, it didnt’ work. I do know that going back to the other version of Comodo is not the answer.