V3 Blocking Microsoft Update?

There is a problem when you block Windows/Microsoft update. I’ve tried to install an update, but it fails and keeps asking me to reboot and try again.

Luckily I just noticed on the last reboot (6th try) that a Comodo window popups just before XP SP2 goes to the blue shut down screen.

So is the current work around, uninstall Comodo, install Microsoft Updates, re-install?

Found a work around to this that doesn’t involve an uninstall, under the defense section, tick the “disable defense permentantly with restart” (or something to that effect). It also fixes the Microsoft MSDN web cast issue as well. Just now how to get Comodo to play nice with Civ4 or more precisely, Macrovision security mumbo jumbo.

I’ve always said, Security is pointless. It either gets hacked or its limiting. Right now it’s very limiting…