V3 Beta

Thank you for quick fix to so many problems.

Installed the Beta ver today here is result:

  1. Installed acception all suggested defaults. Upon reboot, CFW icon not in task bar. Right click on shortcut icon and selecting “Run As/Administrator” fixed that, just like the release version.

  2. Spysweeper email scan still incompatable with CFW Ver 3. No improvement.

  3. Had one instance of Def+ reporting “not functioning properly”. Selecting “Diagnostics” locked machine up. Forced a reboot and all seems ok again.

In short, the beta improvement did not solve any of my problems, but then I did not have most of the problems of others. My big problem is the one with Spysweeper

Hi, please also provide your system details (OS, 32/64 bit…)

Thank you,


XP Professional 32 bit
In Task Bar:
Yahoo Widgets
Google Updater
If I knew how, I’d take a screen shot of Task Magager and show you “Running Processes”