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After a ram upgrade by a friend AVG 8 free and Zone Alarm free were installed and the previous version of comodo uninstalled and my previous antivirus, Avast 4 . I cant use ZA so i removed that and downloaded comodo, but got the BSOD. i uninstalled comodo, leaving AVG. The question is does the new version of comodo have antivirus? Orwould uninstalling AVG and reinstalling Avast and Comodo be a better option? currently i am only using the windows firewall. Any help (not too techinical) would be appreciated.


Comodo does not have an anti virus. Be sure that ZA is 100% gone. There is a clean up procedure found in there forums. Also AVG 8 is very buggy. Avast 4.8 and Comodo get along great.

Hi puma,

Why did your friend remove your applications if you where only getting a RAM upgrade!
Anyway back to the question,zone alarm can leave stuff behind which can interfere with the Comodo install and ive just been reading that zonealarm doesnt sit to good with AVG8 and others HERE
Try downloading CCleaner “link at bottom” and use the cleaner+registry part to see if that helps.


Thanks guys, I think my friend thought they were doing me a favour! I’‘’ run ccleaner to get rid of the last of ZA and reinstall Avast and Comodo.

CCleaner does not get rid of Zone Alarm. See here.


Im not sure what happened but when i reinstalled comodo i couldnt access the internet at all and had to uninstall it again. What do i need to do to access the internet whilst using the comodo firewall. I thought i’d configured it to allow firefox and IE, but i still couldnt get onto the internet until i uninstalled comodo.
Im using Sky broadband, on windows xp. I used comodo v2 prior to upgrading my ram, but i cant get onto the internet using v3, I’ve had to start using mcafee but it uses so much ram. In really simple terms, Im very not technical, can someone help?

You cannot keep switching around firewalls unless you are completely uninstalling each one all the time. Before installing any firewall you need to be sure that your old firewall is gone. You never stated before that you used Comodo 2.4. Your first post said you were using ZA. So now your telling me that you have been using Zone Alarm Free, Comodo 2.4, Comodo 3.0 and now Mcafee. I have never had a problem getting online with a new install of Comodo 3.0. Are you 100% Comodo 2.4 is gone Completely? Have you searched for left over files and registry entries? When you reboot after installing Comodo 3.0 and you get the box about a new trusted network found do you click “ok”? What version of Comodo 3.0 are you installing?


sorry, what i meant was prior to the ram upgrade i was using comodo 2.4. the person who upgraded my computer took off comodo without my knowledge and replaced it with ZA. I cant use ZA so i uninstalled it, and replaced it with the latest version of comodo. I again had problems so not wanting to leave myself vulnerable i took it off again. I will try to completely uninstall it and try again. Thanks