v2.2.127000.12 - "Exclude Folders"

Good day,

After searching the forum and the manual I am unable to locate the “Exclude Folders” functionality that existed in v1.0.4.337. If someone could enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.



Please use “Exclusion filters” in backup step 2.
You can use wild-cards such as ‘*’ or ‘?’.


Thanks for the reply!

My issue with the filter functionality is that it doesn’t allow me to explicitly specify which folder to exclude. Because it’s possible that some folders (not on the same level obviously) could have the same name, they would as a result incorrectly be excluded as well.

Currently I would have to do a search within the folder in question for the name of each folder I would like to exclude making sure no other subfolder somewhere else in the same main folder, share the same name. To me, this was specifically why the “exclude folders” functionality was included in previous versions.

Can you confirm if this functionality has been permanently removed from the product, or like “Incremental/differential backups” is on the list of features that were in previous versions, is also not in the current release, but will be re-added in a later release?

Thank you for your time.

“Incremental/differential backups” will be introduced in the next release
Excluding certain files/folders by full name and not by a mask will be introduced in a future release.