v2.1 Uninstalls v1.+ OK !!

Following on from my “Nightmare” post earlier, new Anti-Spam (v2.1) has actually Uninstalled old anti-spam.
Previously had to get rid of the old version 1st.

This left my System in a considerable state of (unretrievable) disarray.
Fortunately, I had a complete backup !

Anyway, v2.1 offers to get rid of existing version on ReBoot - after which the Installer mysteriously dissapeared from my Desktop, but had left traces of a zipped command line instruction in the Temp. folder.

Everything so far, hunky-dory.
Continued to get rid of all Comodo files from Application Data folders, Links, Start-Up’s & Registry Entries, etc…
So far, so good. { Program Directory Files all deleted on re-boot }

What I did find, however, using the Microsoft ‘Windows Install Clean Up’ Utility was the old Installer still in the Windows folder. Dispatched !

After another ReBoot & good clearout, ALL Network/ Internet/ Anti-virus/ Firewall stuff presently running OK.

Haven’t Installed the latest ‘vanishing’ v2.1 - would have to DL again.
Thinking of waiting for a stable v2.5 before using this Anti-Spam again.

Hi Mor4:

  It's nice Comodo Antispam 2.1 could get rid of the old version on your computer. Comodo AntiSpam 2.5 will be avail in coming weeks, hope you will enjoy it. Thanks!