I have currently uninstalled this version of verification engine, as it just causes my system to keep crashing.

Hi Raymond.

I am sorry for any inconvinience caused by the crashes.
Can you please answer some questions so that we could find the issue and solve it:

  1. what OS are you using
  2. Are your working in admin mode
  3. Do you have any firewall or antivirus
  4. What is the scenario of a crash

Kind regards,

why verification engine authenticates sites (freedownloadscenter, atshield, etc) which all other site advisors (mcafee siteadvisor, wot, etc) rates as dangerous or give red colour ratings???

is verification engine taskbar icon necessary for ve to work properly or it can be removed safely???


CVE authenticates a site as valid (not a phishing site). This can be seen by the green boarder when hovering over the site logo.

This is a plugin for browsers.

The program that loads during login is the auto updater and can safely be stopped from loading at login. (Updates are then manually checked for and installed). This is the Icon you see in the Tray.

The Verification Engine itself is loaded with your browser each time the browser is opened.

I hope this answers your question.

thanxx replying. but dont you think green border can misguide users under some circumstances.
for example www.freedownloadscenter.com. every siteadvisor / link advisor gives this site red ratings as it has many malware packed downloads and link to other red sites. vengine authenticates this site, so a user can download stuffs without caution from this site as he may think the downloads are safe coz vengine authenticated the site with green border. wot u say???


First of all, you need to understand, VE is not a site advisor with respect to malicious material being found on it.

It is a site validator. For example. rbcroyalbank.com. I know this site is the actual site and not a phishing site because of CVE.

Do you even understand what a phising site is?

The green border says ‘Yes, this site is the real McCoy, not a fake’
It does not say anything about the content found being malicious or safe.

ok thanxx replying. got it buddy. today encountered a surprising and shocking experience with vengine.
attached is the screenshots. vengine authenticates a site means its an original site. from the screenshots comodo is not a trustworthy site. i m not saying this, vengine is showing this. have a look and explain in lil detail why vengine does this. i have encountered the same thing with icici banking site. icici banking site added in favourites bar and so is comodo. sometimes vengine shows this red warning popup for icici site and if i refresh the site it anuthenticates it with a green border. today the same thing with comodo site. why so??? is this a bug in vengine or some other thing. wot say buddy???


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You’'re right. It is no longer showing the green border with Comodo’s forum pages.

Its not showing anything for me, on any encrypted page. :frowning:

If site contains mixed (secure and nonsecure) content, Vengine should not show the green border.
But you can see the green border on mixed pages if say No to security warning prompt (attached).

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V-Engine LATEST version is incompatible with firefox v3.5

So it needs update

when the update will be ready ?

thank you for the feedback!

what do you mean as incompatible with Firefox3.5?
please provide more details about what exactly does not work as per your vision.

thanks in advance!

It means that while installing the latest firefox version 3.5 it detects if an add on is compatible or not and so it automatically disables it , if it detect that it is not compatible ,

so the verification is disabled in firefox 3.5 by default
so it needs to been updated in order to work with firefox latest

verification was working with firefox 3.0.14

If you’ve installed VEngine plug-in onto Firefox 2.x or 3.0.x and then updated your browser to 3.5.x version, you will need to run VESetup.exe again, choose Add/Remove Components, then check option to install plug-in onto Firefox 3.5.x and complete within adding components.
You should be able to use Verification Engine plug-in on Firefox 3.5.x after all the steps above.

Hope it helps.


doesn´t work, incompatible with firefox v3.5 :-TD

Did you try to do all the steps from this message? It would help to make VEngine add-in compatible with Firefox 3.5.