V.3 - Clearly an early Beta release!!

I was looking forward to installing this when the message popped up “Comodo 3 is ready to install” - but I’ve had no end of problems with it and suffice to say this was NOT ready for release into the wild and I’m thoroughly disappointed it got that far.


  1. The Defense+ is utterly bugged. It stresses the CPU to 100% and no one really seems to know why. Apparently some say it’s because it’s in the first stages of learning mode on its first install. but 20 minutes to do this and never stopped until I stopped it?? And hogging up ALL my resources??

  2. Following the install it ■■■■■■■ up my Task Manager window removing all menu options, the border, and removed the title name for every window - i.e. My Computer, Program files etc didn’t show up in the top left area of the window - god only knows why because no else seems to.

  3. System Freezes. Good grief and there came no end of them! After un-installing V3 completely, this completely solved it - I reinstalled V2, ran a Virus check, Spy check, and Registry clean. Now my system is back to its smooth operations.

  4. Within 10 minutes Comodo reported it had blocked 2000 intrusions and this number was climbing every second. It was causing my hard drive to go nuts with all the intrusions logging! I’ve explained this problem in detail elsewhere in the Forum, which I haven’t received an answer for for some time and I wasn’t prepared to put up with V3 much longer!

Now, I’m back to V2, and I’m happy. It does its job and does it well. When I see the cries for HELP! die down, start hearing more positive reviews, then I’ll consider V3 again - but this was a bad start for Comodo and I’ve lost some faith in anything beyond the WORKING version.

Advice to others:

AVOID! For some time.

What antivirus and antispyware did you use to check your system? I’ve experienced problems with trojans which were blocked by the firewall, but not detected by the AV and AS I was using at the time. This almost froze the machine because the trojan would continuously attempt to establish an outbound connection and the firewall would continuously block it. You may want to check your machine using multiple AV and AS applications.

AV: Eset - NOD32.

AS: Spybot.

Regularly checked with: HijackThis.

System regularly cleaned with: CCleaner, Eraser, Regcleaner.

And I could list a number of other common sense defenses that are in place, but it’s irrelevant.

What you are saying could be considered somewhat valid, if even one of these problems existed before installing V3. Removing V3 and reinstalling V2 eliminated all of these problems. Unless, you’re suggesting that an ultra stealthy Trojan awaited the install of Comodo 3 and was set to play havoc with my machine when I did so.


V3 is simply a fractured Beta release. I’m not suggesting you’re doing this, given the context of your post, but there seems to a sweeping reply to peoples issues with V3, and most of them blaming Trojans with little else to add when it’s proved a “Trojan” isn’t the culprit.

That is really strange. Version 3 runs perfectly with my Vista Home Premium x64 and I’m really surprised to hear someone has any problems with it

to be honest, i use XP SP with grisoft AVG free and comodo V3… and it works like a breeze.

I only mis the overview of the network cards on the summary screen of v3.

Highlights AND tip of the day is a bit to much. I rather have some more usefull information on a summary screen.

Tip: i like the graphs on the former sygate product.

Sorry, didn’t mean to blame your system. I was just trying to think of what could cause a stream of alerts such as you experienced. I’m using CFP v3 with AVG Free and Spyware Terminator, and so far they are all getting along.

i agree that V3 is Beta! and D+ is buggy, it went well on my pc for a little over one day (except for a minor bug) then went wild with bugs

I don’t see why you had to feel the need to apologize. I clearly stated that I was not suggesting that you were scapegoating.

Your reply was fair and made sense. But in this case, it just doesn’t explain away the V3 problems that I and others have had.

here is the temp fix to the problems reported.

Hi Guys,

More than a million PCs is using CFP 3right now and the weird bugs/problems are posted in the help board.

2 of these problems seem to be recurring. Here are the temporary fixes until we update the executables:

1 - cmdagent.exe 100% CPU consumption:

This has been verified and fixed with the upcoming update. It is related to patched uxtheme.dll.
However, until the updates are issued the temporary fix is disabling the registry protection :

  • Defense±>Advanced->Defense+ Settings->Monitor Settings
  • Uncheck “Protected Registry Keys”
  • Press Apply and restart

2 - System Slowdown issue :
It is related to the load on comodo lookup servers.

Online file lookup must be disabled

  • Miscellaneous->Settings->Update
  • Uncheck “Automatically perform an online lookup for the unrecognized files” option
  • Press Apply button

Both 1 & 2 should solve the most of the problems.

3 - Email client problems

  • Firewall->Tasks->Stealth Ports Wizard
  • Select “Alert me to incoming connections”

Then Protocol analysis should be disabled.

  • Firewall->Advanced->Attack Detection Settings->Miscellanous
  • Uncheck “Do protocol analysis” option

Thank you all for the cooperation,


none of the temp fixes applies to my issues/problems, so i uninstalled and figure my grief was over, now windows reports its still on, but i reinstalled V3 and am going to work with it instead of against it

Hi rickyg73,

Ver 3 of the firewall also gave me problems, it made my computer unusable and my Pc kept hanging during bootup or BSOD or freezing during loading of the desktop.

I have a suggestion for you though that i noticed when i installed Ver. 2.4 back.
Install 2.4 back and then shutdown the firewall from the taskbar, an icon will pop up saying you have no firewall enabled then, then just uninstall 2.4 if you don’t want it, that should sort that prob out with windows still showing firewall enabled when none is

V2 is non vista compatable.