v. errror 106 on comodo update function [RESOLVED]

The Comodo update manager reports error 106, but my adsl connection is active. I found the same item on an old post, but there was no reply with indications about the bug. Is someone in a position to help? thank you. Could spybot and AVG affect the comodo update function? untill last week the update manager worked perfectly well, and from last comodo update no changes are applied to any configuration.>:(

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Hi Carletto,
There was a “Possible Fix” topic posted as well. Aparently people had inadvertently blocked svchost.exe. Can you check your Network Security Policy under Firewall for any blocked applications.


Right, under “my blocked applications” I had “block any incoming and outgoing request”, and I removed that policy.
Now the Comodo update manager works.
Strange thing, other applications, as i.e. AVG updater, were not affected! And I never set that blocking policy.
I wonder if it could be possible any external survey of my Comodo installation, I am not able to understand how to do settings etc. and I had never any alert…
Thank you very much.

It’s probably down to your computer security level. Comodo Firewall should be on “Train With Safe Mode” (Train WIth Safe Mode for the firewall allows all Comodo Safelisted programs and automatically learns rules for them) and Defense+ Should be on Clean PC Mode. (Clean PC Mode treats your computer as Clean and Safe though you will get alerts when programs try to do strange things like change or access protected areas on your computer).

I’m glad the solution has fixed your problem and that your issue is resolved. Let us know if we can help you out with anything else, otherwise I’ll close this thread.


Thank you, Eric. I have applied your suggestions about settings. I have also downloaded cfpv3-config.7221.zip, and i can obtain a CFP report. As last question, is it possible to post the report as attachment in the forum (wich topic?) and have a comment on configuration? Thank you again.

Your welcome,

You can upload your configuration just by clicking “Additonal Options” below the box your typing in on here. Just post it in the “Help for V3” board. I’ll go ahead and close this topic now.

PM an online moderator with a link to this topic if you should need it opened again.