I have set this up in network monitor and all is ok for downloads and uploads.
Should it be added to application monitor,because it is not listed there.
Network monitor is set to allow tcp,udp direction in,with this setting will utorrent be allowed to send event stopped message to the tracker,so that tracker updates my ratio.

Hi Waters, you may want to check here…


or here where there are a few quick topics on utorrent…


Let me know if this helps.


You probably have scanned for known apps, and have “do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo” checked. Since uTorrent is a trusted/known app, you wont get alerts and have to make an application rule for it.
You can do it manually if you want.

If it works, don’t worry be happy… :wink:

It is not showing in applications.I have put 2 in for utorrent
Tcp and udp 1n. allow to my utorrent port
Tcp and udp out. allow all

Thats how I have it set up too.