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Howdy folks-
First off- just want to say thanks for Comodo. Apple claims “It just Works”, but i think Comodo has a better claim to that boast.
That said, 3.0 didn’t work for me- had to uninstall and revert to 2.1.4 [3.0 buried me in permissions requests, making it impossible to use]. Anywho, to my main subject…
I can’t get rid of utorrent’s dreaded yellow triangle [“no incoming connections”].
Can anybody tell me to port forward [yes, if i spent a few hours studying portforward.com’s information i might be able to do this without asking, but maybe not too]?!
Assume i’m stupid [i’m not but i would like to actually have time to do something more with computers than look under their hoods]: use simple language. Thanx in advance…

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That depends on the ports that utorrent on your machine is presently using. To find that out, you can run “netstat -anob” from a command prompt, and see which port the application is using. If you have a question, you can post the netstat output here, and we’ll figure it out.

I thank you for your kind reply but i ran into a snag… When i run “netstat -anob” the command prompt window scrolls a lot of information fast and then autocloses [ain’t Windows wonderful?] before i get half a chance to read the !$%^ing information. Any suggestions on how to get it to linger?

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Try this method… Start → All Programs → Accessories → Command Prompt. That should open up a scrollable window where you can enter classic style line commands. You can resize the window vertically, but not horizontally, to mimic scrolling a piece of paper as in “ye olde days”.

Cut-and-paste from a command window is a little different. Right-click in the command window, and select “Mark”. That will give you a blinking cursor in the top left corner. Then use the mouse and click where you want to start, and select the text that you want. When done, press “Enter” to copy the highlighted text to the Windows clipboard. Then you can open up Notepad, and do the usual Cntl-V to insert the text from the clipboard. From that, you can post the text here if you need to.

Thx grue155-
That did trick- command prompt window stayed put.
My uTorrent data is:
local address:, foreign address:, State: LISTENING, and PID: 3576.
Ok- what now?

local address:, foreign address:, State: LISTENING, and PID: 3576.

Alrighty, now you know what your port number is: 6881. That’s where utorrent is listening for inbound connections, and that’s what your LAN/router needs to forward on to your machine. You’ll need to set a CFP rule to allow traffic in to that port. Probably something like this:

Allow Protocol TCP&UDP In&Out from anyhost to mymachine where source port is any and destination port is 6881

Ah, you forgot to mention where [and how] one does this magic, where one types in your rule. Puzzling over CFP’s minimal yet abtruse Help file i guess it’s somewhere in Application Monitor, but i didn’t see a field where i could input a string like the one you suggested.
Sorry to be so dense but i’ll need a little more detail [and i suspect at least some other non-experts running utorrent will too].

Here you go… Open CFP, and click Security → Network Monitor, and then Add (along the top line just above the rules). Fill in the details of the rule, and then OK to save the rule.

Your new rule will be added to the end of list of rules, which will probably be after the catch-all “Block and log” rule. You’ll have to click on your new rule to highlight it, then use the Move-Up selection to reposition your new rule to be near the beginning of your rules list, or to be at least before any blocking rule.

Watch your CFP log for any messages (Activity → Logs), to see if there are any problems with the rules or any other kinds of unexpected traffic.

That should get you going.

Huh? If i go CFP > Security > Network Monitor, i get “Network Control Rules” form with its options [from left to right]: Turn On, Turn Off, Add, Edit, Remove, Move UP, & Move Down. If i click on Add, i get “Network Control Rule” form, with its General controls on top [Action, Protocol, & Direction pulldown menu options], and a tabbed submenu below [Source IP, Destination IP, Source Port, & Destination Port tabs]. Nowhere do i see a field [even in tabbed submenus] that accepts typed input. Is there a secret handshake here?
Sorry but…!

That’s the right place to enter the rule. Using a text description is a shorthand kind of way to describe the details that get filled in. Phrasing it a bit differently:

Allow Protocol TCP&UDP In&Out from anyhost to mymachine where source port is any and destination port is 6881


Action: Allow
protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In/out

Source IP: any
Destination IP: Single IP, whatever your IP address is
Source port: any
Destination port: a single port 6881

Sorry for any confusion.

FCP seemed to accept new rule; appeared in list at least [and yes, i moved it up in list].
But uTorrent situation unchanged: yellow triangle “No Incoming Connections” flag still there. Thanks for trying tho.

Anything in your logs (Activity → Logs)? And, is your machine behind a NAT/router? If so, you’ll have to configure it to forward traffic to your machine.

My logs show dozens of medium/orange “Access denied” entries, and one red “invalid flag combination”. I’m on a standalone computer, and not behind a router.
If an idea leaps up and bites you- swell, glad to hear it. If not, maybe “this hill isn’t worth dying on”…
i appreciate all your help!