Utorrent & IE7 Problem

Hi all,

Ive tried searching for this problem and everything Ive tried hasnt helped.

If Im using Utorrent then I cant browse the internet. Utorrent runs perfectly but IE7 wont load any pages.

If I close Utorrent then IE7 runs fine.

Im also using a Linksys router and the ports are forwarded correctly.

The Network rule I have for Utorrent is:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In
Source IP: Any
Desination IP: Any
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 59011 (Utorrents port)

Ive set it at first priority and then second, third, fourth and fith but both programs wont run at the same time.

I only have the five standard rules and the Utorrent one Ive created.

In the Application Manager there are six Utorrents in the list, each doing something different.

This problem is really starting to annoy me now so, if anyone could help me then it’ll be most appreciated or if somebody can recomend another Firewall.

Thank you.

Hi Faz, welcom to the forum :slight_smile:

I can think of no specific reasons why you cannot run utorrent and IE7 simultaneously. If this is a problem related to CFP, I would expect to see some indication, perhaps in the log files. The fact that you can run the applications individually, suggests your rules are working correctly. However, it is probably worth taking some screen shots of your Application Monitor rules and uploading them here.


Hi faz-as far as I can recall IE7 has been/is a bit glitchy with torrents and other programmes (have a read at PCWorld’s forum “Press F1” and do a search). And that’s not the only glitch in IE7. The vast majority of people have ditched IE7 and either gone back to IE6, Firefox or Opera and the problems have been rectified. On the other hand it may be that some settings in IE7 have to be tweaked-do not ask me how as I will never go back to IE to b****r around to find out, I had enough problems with programmes getting scrambled when I updated to IE7. Microsucks may have a fix but trundling your way through the technogarbage could well give you an almighty haedache!!
Best of luck.
Regards Gordon.

Hi again,

thanks for the quick replies.

If I close Comodo then both programs run fine together. Thats why I was asuming it was my rules.

So far the only problem Ive had with IE7 is sometimes why I try to open a saved bookmark it wont and I have to save it again! ???

Hi Faz-as said before I ditched IE7 completely some time ago due to a number of problems (it is supposed to revert to IE6 but hasn’t happened for me fortunately!). Before the update there were a couple of Microsucks updates which stuffed up both of my spam filtering programmes. They did provide one of their (in)famous “fixes” for this problem. The main problem their update(s) caused was that programmes which would normally load at start-up would not start! Doing bit of research I discovered that M/S were aware of this glitch since early 2003. Emailing M/S is simply a joke-I have already waited 5 months for a reply to my email which was on their “urgent list” ;D
For my money I would ditch anything to do with M/S unless it’s absolutely neccessary to run the OE and install Firefox, Mozilla or even better still Opera. (:TNG)
Regards Gordon.