utorrent fowarding ports

hi I am using the comodo fire wall. how do I set my comodo fire wall to allow the port to be opened??

please click the link to see my screenie and you will see what I mean. ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

it works fine and it is open when ever I have comodo firewall uninstalled, but as soon as I re install
comodo firewall again it comes up with error. and I have told comodo firewall to remember to allow utorrent to connect to the net when it asked me.

Hi, if you read the thread in the FAQ section about Bittorents this should help.


It will explain how to create the rules needed to run utorrent, you should also have a look at what panic says about creating an application rule for utorrent to ensure that the port will only be used for utorrent.