Utorrent Confusion - Comodo Firewall 3

I have always used Utorrent 1.61 on build 490 with no problems on Vista 64 bit.

Recently I decided to reinstall Vista and I kept my orriginal Utorrent Data and Downloads to continue seeding where I left off.

And I followed this guide to get utorrent working properly


I used Port Forward to get my port configured that was fine.

And in Comodo Firewall I did this:

  1. Go to : Firewall → Advanced → Predifined Firewall Policies and select Add…

Give a name at the new Predefined Policy for example: utorrent

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP or UDP
Direction = In/Out
Description = Rule for incoming and iutgoing TCP and UDP connections
Source Address = Any
Destination Address = Any (My IP)
Source port = A port range = (start port = 1025 / end port = 65535)
Destination port = the port of utorrent

I then did the stealth ports wizard as usual .

But that didn’t see the port open!!

I’m running Utorrent 1.8 says the port is open, but I’m waiting the triangle to turn at the moment.

Any Ideas on this???

Yeah, you most likely need to add this above the block rule…

Action = Allow Protocol = UDP Direction = Out Description = Allow Outgoing DNS Source Address = Any Destination Address = Any (or your ISP's DNS server for extra security) Source port = Any Destination port = 53