Usuer trust seems appropriate

After being a member for just over a year I received a very disconcerting e-mail informing me I’d made controversial remarks to an individual on your moderator board. As I’ve not done(to my knowledge)this I would appreciate it if there was a disctecionary audit regarding these allegations for I’ve only ever posted this individual once and it pertained to others that his mention to me had little /Nor any bearing on his allegations. If the possability exists you’d rather lose a customer, then so be it. I’ve done nothing wrong that I am aware of, and should you discover I’ve made mistakes I’d appreciate that they be disclosed to me so I’m Able to appologize to the person that was the recipient of those mistakes.
Skynard (Len)

Hey Len,

Please check the email account you used to register on these forums. I have sent you an email regarding these issues.

Ewen :slight_smile: