USSD attacks

Does CMS protect from USSD attacks?

See: Avast! Mobile Security protects against USSD attacks

In a word no.

Even other security products don’t protect against this now (apart from the Avast as I can see). You need to download another security application.

To Comodo staff. Will you make protection against USSD attack like ESET and Norton now? Or you see no need?

Thank you.

can we get a word from CEO or dev if protection for used attack will be added

+1 :-TU Because my mobile is vulnerable as I have no Samsung update and my mobile is one on the list.

Good Luck with that!

I sent out few PM’s to Comodo staff. But for now I advise to use Norton, Bitdefender or ESET USSD protection together with CMS.

let us know if you get a response

News update: Woho! Comodo staff got back to me. They are working on the USSD protection as we speak! ;D ;D ;D :-TU :-TU :-TU

Wow only about a month after everybody else has it implemented and working fine. Always the follower and not even close behind everybody else. Still I have to say the old saying still applies, better late then never.

True LOL! ;D

In a security product you would want (or hope to be) protected almost instantly from new threats. Being last is a bit like arriving at a party after everybody else has gone home. Lol!

Ha ha ha LOL! Oh well. :slight_smile:

I really wouldn’t call comodo a follower being that they are the first I’ve seen to have av, firewall, hips, sandbox now with auto virtualization if you configure the reg key, securedns and more is coming with call and site inspector integration. hopefully comodo will still add dacs when things calm down too. I would just say comodo is late in the aspect of used protection

It has nothing to do with PC security. Comodo is at the top in this field. It is only about mobile security and some valid facts about other security competitors staying one step ahead.

For PC Comodo is world class but they can’t or won’t translate that into their mobile application. Which is a real crying shame.

they’ll get there and when they do I’m sure they’ll maintain it. I don’t think the product is even a year old yet is it?

No you are right BUT other security vendors for android seems to have stepped up and are far surpassing what CMS does now.

who surpasses cis? did you mean cms?

Yeah sorry about that I did Mean CMS. As for whom well tests have been done on android security vendors and CMS is not anywhere near the top. Which is upsetting as CIS is excellent and is almost always rated at the top of firewall tests.