Using Paragon Hard Disk Manager


Has anyone had any experience using Paragon Hard Disk Manager? I have had PHDM v- 8 for several months and want to partition my hard drive as I have one large C:\ drive right now, but have hesitated to do so for fear of losing everything. I have read quite extensively on this topic and see that there are some successes but also some horror stories of people who have had things go wrong.

Let me know of your experience before I take the leap!


Hey John,

I’ve used Paragons partitioning and drive imaging products for years and have never had a problem with them.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Ditto on what Panic said. I have it now and use it without any problems.


Always make a backup before using tools like Paragon Harddisk Manager
on disks that contain data !
I never had any problems with it but “sh*t can happen”…

Hello and thank you for your suggestions and help.

Today I backed up everything as gordon suggested with Paragon image, and did the partition thing on my C:\ drive. The first time I tried it nothing happened - it seemed as if it didn’t work. What I did then was a chkdsk /f on my drive and then retried it. Everything went flawlessly. Thanks panic and jasper for your thoughts.


Are you trying the 2008 Suite? I downloaded a trial just the other nite. I saw where the price is like 50.00 until early November. Normally 75.00 bucks. Thought about getting that myself as I have an older version.


Depending on what version of HDM you’ve got, you may have an option to create a bootable recovery media disk. This contains (at least from my version it does) a bootable mini Linux OS that can read the image backups and restore them to the hard drive independantly.

This is a must do.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have version 8 special edition (they were giving it away free at one time, not sure if they are now). It worked great. I can also make a bootable recovery disk and it does use Linux.