using other av with cav

tim and mike 6688 both comodo family members recommend that one should use another av without resident protection before cav has all the signatyure updates, likely to take about 2 or 3 months(,249.0.html )
Everyone installs av with the latest technology and signatures in mind. My queries:

  1. If the basics are not complete why launch the program in haste ?
  2. I do not think anyone wishes to install 2 avs
  3. Are signature updates taking care of latest threats or are these sinply updating the database ?

Hey scaa,

I’m inclined to agree with Tim and Mike - using CAV in conjunction with another scanner (but only one of them having memory resident component) is a sensible method of testing.

  1. Because it’s still a beta - Comodo acknowledge that the CAV databases are not yet up to scratch, but they are working on it. We can all help in this by forwarding any suspect files from within the quarantine section of CAV.

  2. I don’t know many people who place their trust in just one AV scanner. At my work, we run two scanners and the spec for my wifes company is two scanners. Regardless of whether you use NOD, CAV, Kaspersky, AVG or whoever - no one AV app knows everything.

  3. You’d need to get an answer from someone inside Comodo on this, but I’d imagine the updates are a mixture of latest threat definitions and other older definitions being added.

Ewen :slight_smile: