Using Internet Download Manager:

Hi again.

I’ve always used IDM (Internet Download Manager-, but now using CD I can´t use IDM.

Is it possible to use IDM in CD?.

See screenshot idm_any____.png. Btw., telling i got a dialup network without having a modem… erm… maybe you shall try out other download managers.

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ummmm, IDM doesn´t work in Comodo Dragon. I wrote to IDM support.


For me, Comod Dragon is the best browser and IDM is the best program to download files.

I wrote to IDM Support and this is the answer:

[i]"We are going to release a new version of advanced integration in the nearest time. Then this problem should be solved.

Best regards,

Dave Saeger
IDM Support
Tonec Inc"[/i]

Good news (:CLP)

■■■■, it still dose not work on cd, gonna have to leave cd coz of this :frowning: