Using GeekBuddy on old PC

Hello folks!

I install CIS for my friends all we are happy with Comodo :wink: but I can’t install on my PC. My PC configuration is very old and slow! :o

I want to know that can I install GeekBuddy on my old PC just for tune up? because I have not any CIS installed. :-\

PC configuration
AMD Athlon XP 1500+ 1.34GHz 1GB RAM 80GB HDD

Can I use the GeekBuddy license for this condition? :-\

Thank you

I’m not sure if it meets these requirements, but the current information I found on the website is:

What are the System Requirements? WinXP or Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 7 MB Hard Disk Space 22 MB RAM

I’m sorry but I want to know that geekbuddy will help me even if I have not any installed CIS on PC? :frowning:
I want just tune up current system without CIS with geekbuddy!

I think “YES” but this support will be limited. We do not know without a try.
Run the CIS installer and install only Geekbuddy component! Then, call a help and see what happen :slight_smile:
by the way your pc is very old, think about a new pc. It is not old, ancient :wink: