Using CSE for the first time [Draft]

To use CSE for encrypted communication you need a friend or collegue to communicate with and both of you need to have each others certificates installed.

The simplest way to do this:

[ol]- With CSE on default settings, apply for a certificate yourself. If your default browser is Internet Explorer use the secure email certificate signup wizard in the Start ~ Programs ~ Comodo ~ Secure Email menu. Otherwise use this link here.

  • Send your friend an email, asking him to send you a signed but not encrypted email. He can do this by installing CSE using this link: Best Secure Email | Comodo Email Security Services 2022 and then applying for a certificate using the Secure Email Certificate signup wizard. If he does not want to install CSE see variation (a) below.
  • On receipt of his email install his certificate if prompted (it should just happen automatically) and send him an email back. He will need to install your email certificate if prompted (it should just happen automatically).[/ol]

CONGRATULATIONS! All communications between you from now on which use the same email addresses will now be encrypted.


  • If your friend does not want to install CSE instead of step 2 above he can get a free email certificate here, import it into his email client manually, and set the client to send signed and encrypted emails. He will also have to import your certificate which will be appended to the email you sent him. In Outlook 2003 you can find the appropriate settings and tools in the Tools ~ Options ~ Security menu. If he does this he will have to manage certificates and security settings himself, which is more work than just using CSE.
  • If you want the exchange of certificates to be encrypted, you can set CSE to send one time encrypted emails to effect the exchange of certificates. Doing this involves changing a setting as described here. Note that all emails will be sent one-time encrypted after you tick this, so you may want to untick it afterwards. Your friend will be sent appropriate instructions as part of the process. When following these instructions your friend will need to choose the option to install CSE to read the one time encrypted message as the secure email reader service is currently not working.

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This FAQ has been prepared by volunteer moderators – with extra input from Eric Cryptid and Morphiusz. It has been produced on a best endeavours basis - it will be added to and corrected as we find out more. Please note that I am not a member of staff and therefore cannot speak on behalf of Comodo.[/i]

Updated: 28 August 2011, to reflect changes up to CSE version 2.5