Using Comodo with uTorrent

I went through the guide on these forums to set up Comodo properly, stealthing ports and everything. It messed up uTorrent but I found another thread with some rules to allow it. There’s a huge list of uTorrent items being blocked in the “intrusions” log though, they’re all UDP - source IP is my static IP I assigned but the source port is different every time, 4654, 4523, 4380 etc. It tries each one a few times then moves onto the next port. Destination IP is and destination port is 1900. Is this something I need to allow? If not can someone explain what it is?

Try turning off SSDP (universal plug and pray) in services to stop the Broadcasts

Start->Run->Type in “Services.msc”(no quotes) Find the entry SSDP Discovery and double click->now stop the service and set it to start-up type “Disabled” Apply.

This shouldn`t cause a problem, if it does just turn it back to how it was.