Using Comodo Time Machine and Antivirus


I Have any doubt about Comodo time Machine

I use Microsoft Endpoint Security like antivirus and i need get updates continuous, but my antivirus dont have updates with Comodo Time machine activated.

How can solve problem? :-\

my antivirus dont have updates with Comodo Time machine activated

Are you sure about this ? Maybe you can uninstall CTM first and leave all other settings as is then observe if your AV definition would update or not.

Without CTM my Antivirus get updates, but i need some solutions to use both features together and receive definitions update for my antivirus :smiley:

I don’t think I’ve heard anyone having CTM interfering with AV definition updates other than in your case ( and from my understanding of CTM it should not interfere with AV definition updates ).

But anyhow you can try the following :

a/ upon installation of CTM there is an option " to transfer some system data files to a non-system partition" — try not to transfer that and see if it would help.

b/ if you are using version 2.8 or an older version, then try to install CTM2.9beta.

Good luck.