Using Comodo Personal Email Certificate

I may be in the wrong place, and if so, I apologize…

I applied for and got an e-mail certificate last night and installed it in Outlook 2010. But in looking again, I didn’t see that it was actually valid for Outlook 2010. Also, I couldn’t get Outlook to “see” it and be able to apply it. So I thought I would uninstall it. But I cannot see where or how.

I went to Content/Certificates in IE8, and see two certificates with the same expiration date (both years after the third certificate that is there. That makes sense, as I tried (I thought) to install the certificate twice.

Do I just remove it in IE? I don’t need to do anything in Outlook?

Does Comodo offer one for Outlook 2010? Where?

Chuck Billow

I have given up on Comodo as it works on one machine and not another. Or one certificate works and not another. It’s just too much of a timewaster and I have gotten no help from customer support. Sorry. It’s too bad as they are listed as a Microsoft partner so I expected them to be better at responding to customer issues. No way would I buy this product at this time.