Using Comodo Antivirus Along Side With Spyware Terminator

Hi All, (:WAV)

My first post!

I’m using Comcast High-speed internet.

I have Comodo Personal Firewall Installed. Once the firewall knows my “likes/dislikes”, I assume the Allow/Deny will stop?

I have the free Spyware Terminator installed and I downloaded, but not, yet installed the free Comodo Antivirus.

I am a “newbie” when it comes to home pc security, but smart :THNK enough to know that you can’t be to careful.

Can I have both installed or should I use just one? Is there a difference between the two, besides the “cost”?

Another question:
I will be downloading Comodo AntiSpam and informing all of my online family and friends. I know that it works with Outlook, (because I’m here from “Hi, it’s Randy Bell.
I finally decided I’d had enough of junk mail, and installed a fantastic application that gets rid of it all.”) Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Password in the Graphical Attachment. I looked high and low, but still couldn’t find it, so I gues I won’t be on his “randybel… via vb-access-l []”. Can anybody please give me a hint as to how to find?
Okay, sorry (:SAD), back to my question. Will this work with

I’ve taken up enough of your time, so I will end here! (:CLP)

Thanks in advance. And (L)

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(Robert B. Orris)

Welcome to the forum, Robert.

To answer your topic title, yes:,6964.0.html

Your other questions relate to other boards in this forum like firewall and antispam. I think you should post them there to get better answers.