Using CD under a different account


Maybe this applies to Google Chrome also but I can’t run (use) CD under a different account.

For example, if I’m working under the administrator account and I would like to do some surfing, I would load (RunAs) the browser under a different (limited) account. Maybe this is by design but thought I would check.


Have you tried to run it under an other Admin account?

I know that there are problems running CD on a limited account without Admin privileges.

I’m afraid I’ve only got the one administrator account. Regarding running CD under a limited account, it works fine for me. It just doesn’t let me use this account (limited) if I’m logged in as the administrator using “RunAs”.


You have UAC on? ;D

I’m still running XP (Pro SP3).


Oh… Im on W7, hard to help you then.

No problem. Thanks anyway.