Using Beta Comodo Firewall caused lag by causing volpanlu to launch multiple xs

I want to first start off by saying Thank you for creating such an awesome and free product. Your firewall has time and time again won many accolades from sites such as which use very intense Firewall testing measures.

I had tried to use the most recent Beta of your firewall and I feel obligated to let you know that I have had some unexpected issues. I was able to narrow the problem down to your firewall because uninstalling relieved the symptoms. What was happened is as follows…

I had COunterspy installed at the time on my system. Upon a reboot, comodo asked if the Counterspy agent could connect to the underlying service to which I selected “Trusted Application”. At this moment, multiple instances of Volpanlu.exe began to launch and the computer slowed to a crawl. I basically had to do a cold reboot because the OS became unresponsive. Rebooting did not fix the issue and Volpanlu.exe began to launch many many times and eventually I had to reboot into safe mode and remove various programs. I first uninstalled the Counterspy program but that didn’t fix the issue. I finally removed the Comodo Beta Firewall and the issue was then resolved.

Afterward, I ran Icesword and Spybot S&D to determine if this was caused by some undetected spyware and neither turned up anything insidious such as a rootkit or the like. (Rootkits can be found using Icesword as they will show up in red- For example, Comodo is installed as a rootkit would by being a hidden service. Not sure what happened to cause the multiple launches.

I now reverted back to the “official” stable release of Comodo and so far no issues yet.