Using a Comodo free signing key to send from an alternate email address

Can I send an email using an alias other than the one that I specified when I initially created my signing key?
For example, if I specified my email address as when I created the key, can I use that same key to also send email from my address? Also, will the recipient be able to determine the original email address I used to create the key?


The answer to assigning it to a different email is yes, but it will cause a lot of issues.
Mainly because the email address on the certificate will not match the sending email address leading to trust errors/issues with both sending (if you can get your email client to send it) and receiving email client.

Remember, this certificate is for people encrypting messages TO you.

The answer to question two is best answered by reading some of the knowledge base items that explain how these type of certificates work.

Hope this helps.