Users cannot delete messages from quarantine anymore?

I guess this is a new “feature” or an oversight, one of my users just made me aware of this today.

It does not appear that a user has the delete option on quarantined items anymore. For some of my users, their major accomplishment for the day was an empty quarantine list, now I have to find some other way for them to feel productive…


Neither new nor oversight.

We found a way that a malicious user could remove an item from the mail archive by manipulating quarantined items (no I am not going to tell you how…)

We have therefore temporarily removed the ‘delete from quarantine’ function in order to preserve the mail-archive’s secondary function - forensic investigation of an email ‘event’, if you understand what I mean.

We’ll restore the ‘delete-from-quarantine’ a.s.a.p.


I can see where that would be a problem. Nothing the user can do in quarantine or elsewhere should affect the archive.

Precisely my thoughts too. If users start complaining about the number of items in their quarantine simply go into the under Incoming Spam detection settings where the ‘Days saved’ option defines how long items should be held in quarantine for, e.g. if ‘Days saved’ = 4, then any quarantined items older than 4 days is automatically deleted.