Users are required to edit the registry to delete accounts?

I couldn’t see how to delete an account in Comodo AntiSpam. There is no delete button. There isn’t even an update button to have it alter its settings within an account to match up with changed settings in the account defined in the email client (Outlook Express). Instead I had to go hunting around to see if there was a file that had these Comodo-specific and unsynchronized accounts listed within. Nope, no such file. I then went hunting in the registry. It appears the accounts are recorded under:


So I have to edit the registry to get rid of old or incorrect accounts defined in Comodo AntiSpam?


Well, I thought the registry edit would work. I exited Comodo AntiSpam, deleted the account subkey under the above mentioned registry key, and even rebooted but the account was back in Comodo AntiSpam.

Update #2

Okay, I think I figured it out. Although I exit Comodo AntiSpam (so it is not running) and delete the registry key, Comodo AntiSpam grabs the e-mail account defined in Outlook Express WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. It grabs the e-mail account definitions when it loads. Sorry, but I do NOT want all my accounts being filtered or scanned by Comodo AntiSpam. I have some account where all e-mails must be allowed through without ever afflicting the challenge-response scheme upon the sender (plus the checking is done up on the mail server using a whitelist or a rule that looks for a passcode in the Subject header so only those senders can get through their e-mails through that account).

Comodo AntiSpam should only be protecting the accounts that I specify that it protects. Due to extremely poor configurability of this product and that it has remained that way after several months of claimed increased manpower on working on this product, and considering their v2 anti-virus remained deliberately in beta status for around 2 years so it couldn’t be compared to other AV products, their “soon” for fixes and enhancements could be years away. Guess I’ll keep on searching for a viable antispam solution.

Hi VanguardLH:
You could remove your account out of the monitoring of Comodo AntiSpam by Disable in the account setting dialog. There is one Button “Disable/Enable” for this goal. You account will still exist in Comodo AntiSpam settings so that you could put it under the Comodo AntiSpam’s monitor easily.
However, your suggestion is valuable and we will consider to provider the the feature to remove one account from the Comodo AntiSpam’s settings. Thank you, VanguardLH! Hope our new release of Comodo Antispam (comming soon) will be more fitter to your requirements.

Disabling is doable. That would keep it from protecting an account that must not be protected.

I take it, for now, that I have to still do the registry edit to remove accounts from Comodo AntiSpam (that no longer are defined in the e-mail clients). I see the accounts show up under the following keys:


I’m not at the host right now where I’m trialing Comodo AntiSpam. I found the accounts under the Accounts key and also under another key with “Sync” in its name and both were subkeys under ComodoAntiSpam.

Since Comodo AntiSpam goes grabbing newly defined accounts in the email clients (without permission), it seems a “Resync” button is needed to have it match up with those defined in the e-mail clients: delete accounts in Comodo AntiSpam that are no longer defined in the e-mail clients, add accounts that are new, and retain the enable/disable state for the still-existing accounts. Right now Comodo AntiSpam grabs without permission and if that behavior persists then the resync on accounts would also have to be automatic. Personally I prefer manual control so I know how an application is configured, also because it is likely that this automatic grab of account definitions might not work with “other” e-mail programs; i.e., Comodo AntiSpam might be automatic with Outlook and Outlook Express but I doubt it is automatic with every e-mail client that might be used by anyone.