I have used LogMeIn previously and I like their system of login where the user can create an access code which is not related to the User Account login details. I find this a much better way to access remote control than using the username/password of the Windows account.

I have a system that is on all the time and has no password on the user account, this way when the PC starts (from a power outage or similar) the computer boots fully and does not require user intervention. Unfortunately LoginPro will not allow me to login to the Windows system with a blank password.

Any ideas how to get around this?



A possible solution could be to have your computer logon automatically. This would allow your reboot concern and still allow you to use the security built in to LogIn. The provide links discusses the security risk of using automatic logon, but I am not sure it is much different than not having a password at all.

I use LogMeIn too and its way better than LoginPro because I cannot even get the LoginPro to work on any computers that I have installed it on. Even GeekBuddy couldn’t get it to work. The one thing that I like most about LogMeIn is that I can create a Username and Password for each computer that is connected to the account. This is great when you have a lot of customers PC’s connected to one account.

In LoginPro I never could create my own Username and Password for each computer.

I really want to use LoginPro and I am still waiting for Comodo to help me with it but it’s kind of useless to me since I have to use the same username and password for all computers that is associated with the account itself. That creates a big security risk and Comodo should have known better than to make everything the same for account and computers within that account. So if someone hacks my username and password they take that same info and access all computers under that account.

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