UserAnywhere Wishlist v1

Pls add all your requirements/needs/wishes/desires about Useranywhere here…

Linux version would rock

It should be free… ;D

Well, its free for small to medium usage.
however there is a bandwidth cost to us… so for heavy users, there should be a charge…


That sounds fair. :slight_smile:

What’s useranywhere ???

you can take over your machine from anywhere in the world…
so that u don’t have to take your machine with you.
just leave it running in a location and use UserAnywhere from any pc in the world to take over your machine so that you can work on it as if you are sitting in front of it…


I don’t see myself needing it, but that’s interesting.
Now that i think about it, aren’t there already options to do that? Or is a server needed to do that kind of ops?

well lots of options out there… but with all the changing IP addresses, firewalls not allowing the pierce thru etc… a service like Useranywhere comes quite handy…


  1. Remote printing - open a document on the remote system, select PRINT and have the output redirected to your local system.

  2. One way speech - talk to the remote end

Ewen :slight_smile:

First of all: to avoid re-requestes, can you please list the requests at the first post? :slight_smile:

  1. Missed “Alpha stage” text from the page…
  2. Test connection speed before connecting;
  3. Allow the client user to choose “Connect with x colors, only” and “Connect with this resolution: WxH” (fe. min 16 colors, max 65t + 800x600 up to 1280x1024);
  4. More help and examples if i log in;
  5. Possibility to clear infos from client machine (the exe and opened ports, etc.);
  6. Possibility to log more infos about clients;
  7. More language for the web page: i guess the application itself may not need a localization if you write step-by-step per language pages.
  8. Allow max 32 character long passwords at least (everywhere);
  9. At signing ups / Step3, it should be “Order” instead of “Next >>”.
  10. Refresh “List of Machines” page within every 1 minutes (maybe an option would be nice);
  11. Help icon/anchor for signing up pages;
  12. Helpful menu items for the user page;
  13. Be sure what the client is. Is that called client or viewer? I guess viewer would be better because:
    a. it’s not known from trojans;
    b. i met with it at realvnc;
  14. Include firewall infos when first running server/viewer:
  • allow, out, udp, 53 (for both executables).
  • UAHost.exe out
  • UAviewer out (with ComodoUA.exe parent).
  1. “Stay alive” option: to avoid stand-by/hibernate/etc. cases;
  2. Display a valid License Detail (currently i got a “-”);
  3. Allow non-alphanumeric server names;
  4. Display server name: when requesting connection password and when it’s connected;
  5. Display drive names at file transfer dialogue;
    19 I want from the file transfer button to bring back the file transfer pane from the background if i click on it;
  6. Display kbyte/s bandwidth;
  7. More documents/examples;
  8. To prevent “i forgot that thing opened at that public computer…” (Internet cafe problems, you must create the ability to automaticly close down the client interface after x minutes of inactivity, where x = user specified time or a drop-down list (fe. from 5 minutes until 24 hours?). I’m not sure wether this should be optional or should close automaticly anyway after - example - 60 minutes of inactivity. This can be a potential security issue people would write about.
  9. To avoid re-downloading of files (guess both) from the browser - which takes more time -, create the possibility to use the installed instance to re-download it’s newer file with a “Refresh settings” or “Update file”, etc. button.
  10. A case: the user losts his briefcase with his datas in it. To prevent a - so called - bad user to hack into the user’s home computer, i got a small idea. There should be two different codes: the one, you already give for the connection and another, you should specify when you are at the computer and can see the desktop. Until the unknown user not able to type in the second correct password to confirm the connection, all input would be blocked (so no mouse/keyboard usage but he must be able to type in the code). I suggest this as an optional possibility but may come in handy.
  11. It come to my attention that i my fail to upload bigger files if i loose the connection in the middle of the transfer. There are two things you should thing about:
    a. how to resume the corrupted upload (if that’s possible as right now both ends needs new files);
    b. create a calculator which would use the following datas:
  • client/server pc speed;
  • upload speed (it’s a one-way thing, so only from client to server);
  • available time until next disconnect if any (at us the isp disconnects every 24 hours so this can be really important);
    Because i wouldn’t find out how foreign - fe. i’m on vacation - systems are working, wouldn’t know what time they disconnect users, you should come up with an idea sooner or later. I guess this is not a top-priority issue but users can find this feature very good.
  1. I was able to produce an error when another user was able to fight with me to take control over the mouse (IMG: Snap1.gif).
  2. While i’m uploading a file, i can’t use any other function of the file transfer (not documented).
  3. Can you modify the current file transfer solution? As i think, the files are sent to comodo, then to the computer (correct me if i’m wrong). So i wonder if you can open a p2p connection.
  4. Option to use FTP service for the file transfer.
  5. Use downloadable extra plugins. Examples:
    Admin pack 1: devmgmt.msc, sysdm.cpl, appwiz.cpl, cmd.exe, explorer.exe, etc. (with names, to be friendly)
    Simple pack 1: explorer.exe, notepad.exe, etc.
    Office pack 1: word.exe, excel.exe, etc. (same)

That’s all right now :slight_smile:

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