User white listing files (local list)

  1. What actually happened or you saw:

CCAV doesnt have an proper option so users can mark unknow files as trusted so they will not be send to valkyrie analysis.

  1. What you wanted to happen or see:

I would like to have an option o CCAV to mark unknow files as trusted as I know these files. Some kind of local white list that CCAV will undrstand these files as trusted by the user and that will not be necessary to send these files to valkyrie. Maybe an option to send it anyway, but as an option and not the automatic pending thing to send the unknow files.

  1. Why you think it is desirable:

There are a lot of files that users know theyre safe so there is no need to wait ccav to send these files to valkyrie as it takes time, resources and sometimes we, users, dont have the time to wait for it.

  1. Any other information, screenshots etc:

I beleave that this option will make ccav more pratical and more confortable to users. That and this would make CCAV more powerfull to handle anykind of files and work “with” the users, and not only “for” the users. todays unknow files are a mess but sometimes we know some files that we cant wait the time needed by ccav to send these files to the cloud, wait the veredict and mark these files as trusted or not trusted. Sometimes somefiles will be marked as untrusted even if we know its trusted files. This feature Im requesting cloud improve CCAV usability a lot… Please, consider it for the next update release.

Hi Vitim

Thanks very much for your suggestion.

Were you aware you can do this under Settings ~ File rating ~ Trusted Applications?

Kind regards


I know that but I thought that it was not on that option that we could do what I asked here as when I add an file there, the file gets tracked as unknow (the previous veredict) after system restart…

Ill look into it deeper… maybe somekind of issue on my ccav side?

Hmm possibly a bug. Can you determine the registry key where it auto-starts?

Very early opening files can be a problem, but such things should be reported

nope. no reg keys added to windows reg. strange…

ill reinstall ccav and see what happens…

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