user white-list suggestion

the DNS is doing it to me again (not letting me connect to 000webhost, which is known for phishing)

I have no problems with them as I use their free service, and don’t believe in online banking. (they can’t do any phishing to me)
so I’d like to continue and NOT be lead in a loop of constantly re-allowing 1 day to connect to my host just to be lead back to the verification page.
(the DNS doesn’t seem to recognize I’ve allowed 1 day and blocks the site upon continuing to it)

no this is not an add-on issue like it was last time, as I’ve now got 4 less add-ons than when I made my last report…

so now, since this thing doesn’t seem to want to work, might I suggest a local white-list where a user can allow sites that won’t harm them (in particular)
(if Dragon didn’t use so much RAM, I’d switch back to it)

I use WinXP x64 where high PF usage (over the system-available amount) can cause kernel-memory corruption (BSoD)
(I do believe a fragmented HDD might be part of a cause of this)